Volunteer & Community Service

Volunteers are unpaid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless

Volunteers are the people who make LOV work

With your help, LOV feeds thousands of people every Thanksgiving Day and provides toys, food and needed household goods for hundreds of families and more than 20 local Tri-City agencies every December.  Each year LOV Youth Volunteers make our Summer Recreation in the Parks program possible for more than 300 children.  Our Youth Encouraged to Serve Club (YES!) helps plan and carry out exciting community events and projects (we have a lot of fun, too!).

Volunteering Benefits Everyone – especially YOU!

If you are interested in volunteering for LOV, please fill out the form below with your information, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Community Service & Volunteer Opportunities

Community Service Hours for School Project and Graduation Requirements

Volunteering at LOV is a fun and rewarding experience!  With over 40 programs, events, projects and services throughout the year, we’ll work with you to make a difference in the community, and provide all the backup you need for reporting and documenting your Service Hours.

We also offer convenient alternatives to the typical hours-based community service options.

Still looking for your community service hours?  LOV’s got one-stop community service shopping!

Teen Community Service Opportunities

Volunteer for Fun Events

Volunteer for fun events! From Newark Days to our Elegant Affaire, Concerts, Festivals, Summer Rec and more.  Over 40 events every year that need your help!

Make a Food Pantry Donation

Make a Food Pantry Donation – 1.5 hours per Grocery Bag!

Trade Hours for Rewards!

Trade Hours for Rewards!  Work 50+ annual hours and we’ll invite you to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night – featuring a great dinner, fun, and the LOV BUCKS STORE.

Staff one of our great community projects!

Staff one of our great community projects!  Regular and seasonal hours are available – we need all kinds of help from all kinds of people!  Tell us what you’re good at, and we’ll work out your schedule and hours from there.

Court Mandated Community Service Hours

If you’ve been ordered by the courts, your probation officer or school district office to perform mandated community service hours, LOV is here to assist you.

As part of the Court Mandated Community Service Hours program, It’s your job to show up as scheduled, perform your hours in a timely manner, and be willing to pitch in as needed here at LOV.  We’ll track your hours, report to the courts as required, and issue you the final completion certificate that will release your requirements with the court.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact LOV for a registration appointment.
  2. Bring your court paperwork with docket/case number to LOV on the day of your appointment to register.
  3. Fill out LOV’s registration form – it must be complete, dated and signed. If you’re under 18 years of age you’ll be required to have your parent/guardian with you to register.  Their signature will be required on our forms.
  4. PAY YOUR FEE for the program. See the chart below to determine your fees.  We accept cash, checks (with proper ID), money orders, debit and/or most major credit cards. There is no fee associated with non-mandated community service volunteering – see below for more info on non-mandated volunteering programs with LOV.
  5. Complete your hours as assigned and scheduled. You’ll receive an hours receipt each day to help you keep track of your progress.  Final Certifications, however, are required for reporting to the courts.
  6. Once your hours are completed, return to LOV to receive your Certification of Completion papers.
  7. Provide your Certification papers to your court or school/probation officer.
  8. If your final Certification is lost or destroyed, LOV can provide a replacement for free.
Adults (18 and older) 1-100 hours = $20 101-150 hours = $25 151-200 hours = $30 Over 200 hours = $35
Minors (under 18) 1-50 hours = $5.00 51-100 hours = $10 Over 100 hours = $20

The Best Holidays Start and End with Giving!

Volunteer this year for a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget!

Our Holiday volunteer programs are very popular in the Tri-Cities! Call us today for individual and group opportunities to make a difference in our community.

Holiday Volunteer Opportunties LOV Newark

Scout Troops, Corporate Groups, Schools, Civic Organizations…. We LOV to work with our community!  Bring your ideas for a community project, or ask how you can help.  The needs and possibilities change all the time.  Let’s work together to make a difference in the lives of the people who need it the most.

Snacks, Beverages.

Door Prize

Drawing Prizes

1.    Event assistance

2.    Event coordinating

3.    Advertising & Promotions Team

Program Event Dates & Times Donation/Giving Opportunity 1-25 Volunteers 25-50 Volunteers 50-75 Volunteers 75-100 Volunteers
Thanks-giving Day Community Meal Carving Party Tuesday, November 21:1-4pm & Wednesday, November 22: 5-8pm th.

6 – 8 p.m.

Purchase & Donate Turkeys or Pre-cooked Hams 1.    Cook the turkeys & hams (if needed) at home.

2.    Bring your own carving tools!

3.    Group Delivers Cooked Hams & Turkeys to Newark Pavilion (in caravan?  Photo-ops from departure & at arrival)

4.    Arrive at Newark Pavilion and join the Carving Party! (group would have their own designated carving area)

5.    (Max apx 30 people onsite for the carving)

Adopt-a-Family Nutcracker Event


Sunday, December 13th.

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Toy & Gift Card donations.

Candy Canes

Stockings & Stuffers

Help Santa pass out toys & stockings to approximately 400 children. (with or without costumes?)
Sponsor a Toy Drive and deliver the toys to our big event with Santa! 1.    Collect Toy donations or host a Toy Barrel

2.    Deliver wrapped or unwrapped toys to the event – arriving with Santa fanfare

3.    Arrive to fill up Santa’s Workshop/Toy Room.

4.    Help children select toys  or pass out toys to older kids after they visit with Santa

Nutcracker Event


Saturday, December 12th.

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Decorations, Art Supplies, Prepared Backdrops & Scenery 1.    Help decorate the interior of our party space.

2.    Set up staged areas for Santa’s Throne Room, Magic Toy Workshop, Mouse King Sword Fighting Lessons, Food Tables & Performance Areas.

Family Gifting Week


Wed–Friday, December 16th, 17th and/or 18th..

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Food, Toys, Gifts, & Household Items 1.    Man our Warehouse & Loading Dock to package/stock and car-load all family packages – food, toys, household items & other donated goods.

2.    Designed for 3 groups of 20-25 people over 3 days.

Annual Toy & Food Drive Barrel Squad Friday, December 8 & possibly 12/15th

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

(possible 12/16 date)

Personal Vehicles used for picking up toy barrels at various area locations 1.    Meet at LOV office for delivery routes

2.    Drive to various Toy Barrel locations & retrieve the toys/food & barrel (final day of the drive)

3.    Return the Toys/Food & Barrels to LOV office

4.    Help receive, sort, wrap and package toy orders.

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What is Community Service?

Community Service is

not just helping someone in need or even helping to keep the environment from erosion. It is a learning process, learning about yourself as well as others. Learning, listening, focusing on a problem, and resolving it, all four of these elements help to make up community service, but it does not stop there. No one is too young or too old to help, to learn, and to rebuild a mountainside, to pull weeds or even to extend a hand in friendship. A simple gesture like a handshake can turn enemies into friends.

Community Service is

about exploring your talents and sharing them with others.

Community Service means

sharing a kind smile as well as having a spiritual connection with others and everything around you. Beware it is the cornerstone to Mother Nature’s house and your soul.

Community Service means

waking up in the morning and being grateful you are alive. It is also, like inviting someone over for morning coffee then going outside to watch a humming bird hover near a flower while a spider web glistens in the sun light near by.

Community Service is

about laughter and the knowledge that we need each other. It is not about slave labor like some would lead us to believe. It is about sharing our talents, our health, and our wealth with others and our environment – making planet Earth a better place to live.

Community Service is

a natural high, which can be gotten when we help someone in need, or when we offer a smile to someone.

Community Service is

about saying please, thank you and may I. It is also about walking around a worm on a rainy day so as not to step on it.

Community Service is

about allowing and providing a safe environment for our children to play, to learn and to grow in – as well as to allow them to become adults that are not afraid to be an example of a Good Samaritan. So, they will be willing to extend a hand in friendship to a stranger or a drowning fly that has accidentally fallen into a glass of ice tea on a hot summer afternoon.

Community Service is

much more than what has been written here and else where by others and basically it is about respect and caring. Caring enough to help is the bottom line.