LOV’s 40th Summer Recreation in the Parks

Welcome to LOV’s 40th Summer Recreation in the Parks Annual Summer Camp – 2021

Summer Camp 2021  is full.  You will be unable to register at this time. Our award-winning Best of Newark program started June 21st. Camp operates Monday-Thursday, 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. No before or after care is available. LOV’s Summer Camp is always fully compliant with CA and Alameda County health mandates and guidelines. If you have questions about registration, please contact the office at 510-793-5683. Look for us in 2022 in April to register for next year’s program.

To Register

Children must be between the ages of 5-12 and live in Fremont, Newark or Union City, CA. A release of liability and non-refundable $20 per child registration donation are required. A daily wellness check and face covering are required at Camp.

Registration includes all supplies and activities, a Camp T-shirt, daily lunch, refreshments and snacks.
See our FAQ’s, detailed operations guidelines, get forms and Register at the links below:

Camp Location

Mayhews Landing Park – 36380 Cherry Street, Newark, CA 94560

Dates & Hours

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. open the following dates:
Week 1: June 21-24
Week 2: June 28-July 1

Week 4: July 12-15
Week 5: July 19-22

View/Print Required Forms

Camper Forms:

As you check in your first day at Camp, we will collect your signed Liability Waiver forms. These forms are required for all campers. You can take care of this before camp begins – Click here to open and print the form. Sign and scan them, and bring them to Camp your first day.

Summer Camp FAQ’s

If you’re not familiar with LOV’s Summer Camp, here’s how it works:

  1. Lunch and breakfast snacks, a camp T-shirt, drinking water, all supplies and activities are included.
  2. Children will stay together in groups of 10, with 1-2 Kid Koach volunteers working with each group.
  3. Groups are determined by the child’s age. We try to keep all the little ones together and limit overlap in age groups, although some mixing will likely occur.. We cannot change groups this year once assigned.
  4. Our employee Park Leaders oversee volunteers, safety, supervision and organization.
  5. Our Kid Koach volunteers are age 16+ youth and adults who lead activities and look out for the children. Volunteers and employees over 18 years of age have been trained and background checked for safety.

Children’s weekly activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts Projects
  • Building Blocks & Creative Construction (building blocks, kites, other activity kits)
  • Scavenger Hunts Science & Adventure
  • Active Games (dancing, small team races, obstacle courses etc)
  • Board & Lawn Games (kid-appropriate card games, low/no-contact board games in small groups)

We’ll also feature special events & activities each week, like:

  • Special “Splash” Activities
  • Small Team Racing Games
  • Newark Library special Camp Book Club
  • Game Tournaments
  • Special Visitor Presentations, Weekly Awards & Prizes

Every day at sign-in, your child will have their temperature checked (no-contact thermometers) and you’ll be asked whether the child is experiencing any cold/flu or other disease type symptoms. Children will NOT be allowed to attend if they have symptoms or elevated temperatures (+100⁰).

All activities happen in health-compliant settings:

We will require everyone at Camp to wear appropriate face coverings/masks and ask you to provide them from home. We will have some disposable masks available at the park but the supply is limited and intended only for those who forget to bring their own. Masks must be worn except during meals and running activities. Contact sports and playground time will not be a part of our 2021 Camp activities. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be easy to find and use and we’ll wash hands regularly during the day. Equipment will be spray sanitized between uses. Sharing supplies will be kept at a minimum and fall within State, County and City guidelines. Items from home will NOT be allowed to be used at the Park. We will supply gloves as needed for the children.

This program is subject to changes and closures as dictated by California State and Local health and other mandates. We will notify you through email should any changes to our schedule or refund policies occur.

Every day when you arrive with your child, your daily check in procedures will include a wellness check, and your signature and daily emergency phone number on our sign-in list. Lists are generally organized by the child’s first name, or your 4-digit order number. Our leaders and staff will be there to help with your first sign-in. The process should go smoothly, as only 20 children will be checking into a single group area. We ask for your patience on your first day at Camp.

You’ll receive a Camp Group assignment 2 weeks before Camp begins (early June). Each group will have an assigned sign-in area where campers will get their daily wellness check and sign in to Camp. You’ll enter Camp at the same area every day. Groups are determined by age. Families will be in the same groups if possible.

As you check in your first day at Camp, we will collect your signed Liability Waiver forms. You can take care of this before camp begins – print the forms from our website, sign and scan or photograph them, and bring them to Camp your first day. Scanning/photo copies are recommended so you’ll be able to retain a copy for your records. Blank forms will also be available at the Camp.

You’ll also receive a T-Shirt which children can wear any day, but we especially encourage children to wear their Camp T-Shirts on Thursday.

Camp leaders/volunteers will facilitate the required daily health screening and (no contact) temperature check. You will be required to answer a few questions regarding any symptoms of fever, cough, or colds, etc., within the past 24-72 hours. This information is available to public health officials upon request. You’ll be asked to sign and check a form that indicates your child is well and able to attend. No child with a temperature exceeding 100 degrees or using any fever-reducing medications will be allowed to attend Camp. We ask that you respect the privacy of the person being checked in as we ask them personal questions.

There are 10 groups of Campers with 10 children in each group. Children are assigned to specific groups when they register for Camp – two groups share each of the 5 entrances. Check your registration confirmation email for this information. Children will remain in their group throughout the week’s activities. You’ll check in at the same entrance each day. When you drop off your child in the morning, you should park near to where your child will be entering the Camp. See the map below for the daily sign-in sites. Supplies and re-used equipment will be sanitized between uses and as indicated during play.

The camp is directed by Full-Time LOV staff members. You can reach them by calling LOV at 510-793-5683. A part-time summer employee, the Camp Leader, runs operations at the Park. The Camp Leader has two part-time Assistant Leaders, and will also be assisted with a part-time COVID-19 monitor. Volunteers aged 15 and older will work with the children in their groups. Employees and volunteers over the age of 18 have been background checked and fingerprinted. They’re fully trained in the procedures of the Camp. Thursdays, we will be joined by the youth club from the Newark Library who will lead the groups in activities. Their health is monitored by the Library staff.

Two groups of 10 children will engage in an activity for about an hour, take a break for hand washing and refreshment, then resume with another activity. Children engage in activities together in groups of no more than 10, with 2 groups participating in activities in the same general area. They will spend each day with the same group during their week at Camp.

Children are expected to respect the staff, the volunteers, and each other. They should be told to keep their hands off of other children. They should be ready to follow the social distancing and organizing instructions they’re given. We have a zero tolerance policy for fighting of any kind. This year it will be impossible to separate children who are not getting along. If your child is misbehaving we will ask them to sit with the Park Leader for a period of time. If the behavior is not something the Camp Leader feels comfortable handling, you will be called at your Emergency Phone contact number and be asked to pick up your child. Children are expected to leave all personal belongings at home. If items are brought and get broken at Camp we are not responsible for the damage. If children bring cellphones they’ll be asked to keep them in their pocket all day. If you need to reach your child the Camp telephone number will be available on the first day of Camp – the Park Leader will be supplying this information to parents. The Camp Leader will be happy to contact you should your child need to talk with you during the day.

Only registered campers will be allowed at Camp. Camp is held at a public park, and there will be other people besides campers there. We will keep the children within their groups and well away from any public related activities.

Campers will be placed in a group according to their age or grade level. Please note that depending on actual registration dynamics, some or all will be mixed age levels. Ideally, each pair of groups who stay together will have a group of 10 below age 8 and a group of 10 above age 8. Families who wish their children to stay together will likely be assigned (numerically) to adjacent groups at the same entry area. They will be able to be close by. We can only accommodate this by registration assignments and will not be rearranging groups at Camp.

Camp is all outdoors – there is plenty of shade which will be the primary areas we occupy at the Park. Races and many activities take place in bright sunlight areas. Bring a hat for your child if you have concerns about sun exposure. We discourage the use of sunscreen and other cosmetic products at camp. Mornings are sometimes cool. There is usually lots of sun by lunchtime. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for Camp. We do NOT have facilities at or after Camp to store your child’s personal belongings. We will have paper and plastic bags on hand for children to keep items in they wish to take home every day. Items left behind as the last Camper leaves each day will be thrown away. There will NOT be a lost-and-found bin kept at the Park.

There are port-o-potties at Camp. They are sprayed with sanitizer as each child leaves the unit. They are professionally cleaned weekly. Camp is stocked with cleaning supplies to help facilitate cleaning throughout the camp. Please instruct your child to be neat and tidy using these facilities at Camp. They’ll be given wet-nap packets to clean their hands after every use. Hand sanitizing and washing stations are also available on site. We will also have hand sanitizer stations available in all areas utilized by campers.

All Campers must be fully potty trained to be at our Camp. Camp staff is not permitted to assist campers in any way while in the bathroom. We feel that children of these ages deserve privacy. We realize that “accidents” will happen. “Accidents,” by definition, are unusual incidents and should only occur infrequently. We ask that you please dress your child in clothing that will enable them to use the bathroom unassisted. No pull-ups are allowed. If your child has a bowel movement/urination accident, you will be called immediately to Camp to attend to your child and possibly take them home for the day at the staff’s discretion. Our Camp Leaders are kind and compassionate to your child at this time – we’ll do our best to minimize their discomfort, but we have limited cleanup capability at the Camp. Most importantly, our policy doesn’t allow staff members to clean and or wipe a child. If there are repeated bathroom incidents within the camp setting, your child will be unable to continue at our Camp.

We have a central water station. Children will be brought to the station several times during the day in their groups. One person will pump the water from our 5-gal water bottles. Water is available all day. Cups are new for every use.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask/face-covering during group activities at Camp. There are NO exceptions! They’ll be allowed to remove the masks while eating or having refreshments, and while running or playing active games with a partner from their group.

Camp lunch will be from 11:45 – 12:30 pm. Lunch is included and provided for every child in the program each day by the Federal Free Summer Lunch Program. It is administered by the Newark Unified School District Central Kitchens. LOV provides daily individually wrapped snacks and whole fruits. Campers can bring their own lunch and or snacks too. They will still be offered a lunch if they wish to have two.

There will be NO field trips or excursions. We will bring in outside vendors for certain activities that follow strict COVID-19 precautions.

Closed-toed shoes (no sandals), appropriately dressed for active outdoor play and messy art. A hat if you wish. We discourage ANY electronics, including cell phones. The Park leaders have phones for any emergency calls. We cannot control what your child is doing on their electronic devices while at Camp. Please leave them at home. If you want your child to use sunscreen, you must bring your own and your child must be able to apply it themselves.

Neither LOV nor any of our Staff or volunteers will be responsible for any damage or theft of personal items. Report any lost or stolen items to the Park Leader so we may try to locate them if possible.

We cannot store or administer medications at Camp. If your child has any allergies such as nuts, bees, etc., or that require your child to keep an epi-pen, please inform us and make sure your child knows what to eat and what to avoid. We’ll use gloves and rinse off minor wounds and have band-aids on hand for small scrapes and paper cuts. We’ll call you if your child is in any serious discomfort or distress. Please respond promptly if we call you! Report to the entrance area where you dropped off your child. Should your child require emergency attention beyond that we will call 911 first, you second, and keep your child safe and comfortable until you arrive.

Shirley Sisk, Executive Director at the League of Volunteers. shirley@LOV.org, 510-793-5683
Sharon Slayton, Program Consultant for the League of Volunteers, Sharon@lov.org
Sherrie Valdez, Program Coordinator, League of Volunteers, sherrie@lov.org, 510-793-5683
Camp: (Ask your Camp Leader for the phone number at camp.)