Graduating High School Seniors living in the Tri-Cities are encouraged to apply for scholarships in music, fine art and photography. We also have a scholarship for Community Service. The deadline is April 23 for Music, Fine Art & Photography. We are opening the deadline for the Community Service for May 3. Scholarships available are:

Dan & Marie Archer Scholarships

  • Photography $250.00
  • Fine Arts $250.00

Fred Jueneman Music Scholarship

  • Music $500.00
    (Note: music scholarship applicants must audition – we will work out how)

Michael Gendreau Scholarship

  • Community Service $250.00
    (Applicants must have performed a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service in the community in their junior and/or senior years – over and above mandatory requirement for graduation.)

Applications are sent out to all high schools and they can be picked up at our Community Service Center, 8440 Central Ave, Suite A/B, Newark

For more information on criteria for these scholarships, or to receive an application mailed to you call LOV at 793-5683.

Download the applications and criteria for the arts, music and community service scholarships by clicking on the buttons to the right.