LOV began the rainy season this year with a bit of unwelcome news – our van had sprung an unfixable leak in the roof.  In the middle of our Holiday season our staff and volunteers faced torrents of rain but successfully saved hundreds of toys and food which served thousands of Tri-City children and families.  Luckily, in January, and after juggling some expenses, we were able to find the perfect used delivery truck to purchase from our good friends at Cresco.  We’re excited about this vehicle – a large 14’ box truck that will allow us to transport so much more and with much more ease.  We’re looking forward to delivering our supplies and sports equipment this year at Summer Camp.

Of course, this means we must turn to our community and see if you can dig just a little deeper over the next few months and help us recover the expenses associated with the purchase of our new truck.  We are seeking donations, large and small, to help with the purchase price and ongoing maintenance of this vehicle.  No donation is too small.  Our goal is to raise $15,000 between now and this summer.  Can you help?  Contact Shirley Sisk at 510-793-5683 for more information or click below and make your donation today!